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Pennhurst Asylum's " Bloody Valentine" 2024 Event
A Terrifying Love Affair in a Realistic Nightmare

Pennhurst Asylum, a world-renowned haunted attraction (and infamous “real” haunted location), is set to unveil its unprecedented “Bloody Valentine” event on February 9th and 10th, 2024. This off-season haunted house experience promises a uniquely spooky Valentine’s date, featuring recently enhanced/revamped attractions like Pennhurst Asylum, The Morgue, and the Tunnels. As a bold departure from its iconic, infamous history, Pennhurst Asylum transforms into a world-class horror entertainment venue for a Valentine’s celebration that will likely be etched in your nightmares!

A Realistic Nightmare

When it comes to haunted attractions, the emphasis on creating a chilling environment is crucial. However, Pennhurst Asylum stands apart with a rotting/decaying campus that boasts unparalleled realism and a feeling of constant dread and paranoia. The walk to the haunt itself is a downright creepy experience, a haunting blend of architectural beauty and urban decay that sets an ominous tone—a perfect backdrop for a horror attraction, unlike any other in the country.

As visitors cautiously explore the chilling remains of the Pennhurst State School, vile smells and a sense of fear permeate the air. The Old Administration Building, a central part of Pennhurst Asylum, promises an aggressive, nonstop entry into an insane nightmare during the “Bloody Valentine” event. Signifying a departure from conventional haunted houses, major changes have been undertaken to extend the first portion of the haunt and intensify its atmosphere.

The fear is very “real” at Pennhurst and any sense of complacency is quickly replaced by nonstop aggression that may not cater to every haunt fan that is looking for a mild scare. Pennhurst Asylum boldly declares itself as an in-your-face attraction, shedding the notion of a “friendly” haunted house. Pennhurst has undergone SIGNIFICANT large-scale scene improvements, redesigns and additions of terrifying elements that make this truly one of the premier horror/haunted house events in the country. For this special event; guests can purchase a VIP package, with a “high intensity” option, cocktails or gift for your loved one.

Pennhurst Asylum, at times, feels more like a demented funhouse than an abandoned hospital facility, and has undergone extensive renovations and enhancements that are not only budget-intensive, but a spectacle to see. The attraction’s commitment to an immersive, detailed experience is evident in every room, where no two scenes are alike. The first ever “Bloody Valentine” event promises an intensified version of the aggressive, chaotic show, creating a memorable and spine-chilling experience for those daring enough to venture into this realistic nightmare (and we cannot understate the horrific scope and immersive scale of this attraction).

To embark on this heart-pounding journey into the unsettling realism of Pennhurst Asylum’s “Bloody Valentine,” secure your tickets now at Pennhurst Asylum’s website. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this intense, “real” haunted attraction, and unforgettable immersion into the depths of horror, infused with legends, history and the unknown…

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• Address: 250 Commonwealth Dr, Spring City, PA 19475
• Credit: Matt Herzog and Rogues Hollow Productions