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Lincoln Mill Haunted House Presents "A Twisted Christmas" Preview

Experience the Unthinkable: A Twisted Christmas - Philadelphia's First-Ever Holiday Haunted House!

Philadelphia, brace yourselves for a chilling new holiday tradition! Lincoln Mill Haunted House proudly presents “A Twisted Christmas,” an exclusive, one-night-only experience that marries the joy of Christmas with the spine-tingling scares of Halloween. 

This unprecedented event is set to unfold on Saturday, December 16th, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, at the eerie 4100 Main Street location in Manayunk. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Philadelphia’s scariest Christmas tale!

The Tale of Viktor Kane and A Twisted Christmas: In the hallowed halls of Lincoln Mill Haunted House, a new chapter unfolds inspired by the legendary Krampus. Viktor Kane, the mastermind behind this dark Christmas saga, cunningly lures his naughty workers into the depths of the mill’s basement during the holiday festivities. Once there, the unsuspecting workers are ensnared, trapped, and transformed into Viktor’s sinister elves, compelled to conduct his wicked work. Christmas at Lincoln Mill takes a nightmarish turn, revealing Viktor’s version of the season to be more twisted than anyone could have imagined.

Unique Holiday Program: “A Twisted Christmas” promises to be one of the most distinctive holiday programs in the region, designed for those who relish the thrill of Halloween and the cheer of Christmas. Whether you’re a holiday enthusiast or a self-proclaimed Grinch, this event offers a break from the traditional Christmas festivities with an immersive experience like no other.

Lincoln Mill has spared no effort in transforming its haunted house into a dark winter wonderland adorned with Christmas lights, tinsel, ornaments, trees, and stockings. Although familiar, the interior sets now carry a chilling Christmas essence, creating a festive and fear-inducing atmosphere.

Unveiling the Nightmare: The event boasts over 35 scare actors, with most mill workers transformed into Viktor’s evil elves and some taking on special characters inspired by popular Christmas lore. Guests will descend to the darkest depths of Lincoln Mill Haunted House, where the story unfolds amidst the haunting Christmas decor.

The haunting soundtrack, atmospheric lighting, and characters with a Christmas twist make “A Twisted Christmas” an experience unlike anything witnessed during Halloween. This special event is not just a fleeting scare; it’s an immersive journey into the twisted tale woven by Lincoln Mill Haunted House.

A Continuation of Lincoln Mill’s Legacy: Lincoln Mill Haunted House, known for its immersive storytelling, goes beyond traditional horror to craft an experience that lingers in the minds of visitors. In line with their commitment to storytelling, the creators, Jared Bilsak and Brian Corcodilos, are working on a documentary titled “Built to Scare,” revealing the intricate process behind their spine-chilling productions.

Tickets and Beyond: Tickets for this one-night-only extravaganza are on sale now at General admission is $32 per person, while VIP entrance, offering an enhanced experience, is available for $75. Secure your spot for a night of fright and festive horror!