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A Special Look at A Devil's Last Laugh

A Devil's Last Laugh Christmas Preview

Devil's Last Laugh Christmas: Unravel the Festive Fear at Walcksville Asylum's Christmas Special!

In just its second year of haunting,  A Devil’s Last Laugh defies expectations again, unveiling a chilling spectacle beyond traditional scares’ boundaries. This top-tier, quality experience redefines the haunted attraction landscape and invites thrill-seekers into a world where classic scares meet cutting-edge production values. 

As the chilling narrative unfolds, featuring mature scares and themes, visitors will be taken on a journey meticulously crafted with energy, set design, and creative prowess.

The adventure begins as you enter the newly redesigned “asylum,” greeted by an entertaining yet peculiar interaction with a “security” guard/inmate character. This sets the stage for the immersive journey into the eerie realm of the “Walcksville Asylum.” The 1950s-era waiting room, populated by eerie “plague doctors” and the asylum’s twisted secretary, immediately immerses guests in a creatively disturbing atmosphere.

For a mere $20.00, Devil’s Last Laugh delivers an exceptional haunted experience that seamlessly blends classic funhouse-style haunting with a modern edge. Commendable attention to detail, interactive scenes, and entirely new sets that outshine competitors ensure nonstop fun and action. Scenes depicting serial killers, mutilation, and dark humor within the vintage asylum theme add layers of depth to the immersive experience.

The blatant campiness and 1950’s era thematic initial presentation, intentionally lulls visitors into a false sense of security, and Devil’s Last Laugh Christmas tantalizes and teases, escalating the fear factor with each twist and turn. The haunted gem infuses old-school charm with the latest technology and scare tactics. Even the seemingly unimpressive main character, “Mr. Pickles,” transforms into a violent and fitting addition to this unique universe.

In 2023, Devil’s Last Laugh expanded the midway mayhem for the second season as if that weren’t enough. Adding a distinctive circus midway and various food and merchandise options contributes to a well-rounded, immersive experience.

In such a short time, Devil’s Last Laugh Christmas has undergone astonishing progress, expanding from scene quality to sound and basic haunt design. Creating intimate spaces enhances interactions, builds realism, and keeps audiences engaged. Disturbing rooms featuring a macabre “hall of fame” for serial killers, violent murder scenes by “Mr. Pickles,” and even crawling through mice-infested corridors create a brief yet intense whirlwind adventure.


Fully committed to their roles, Performers consistently generate scares while embracing dark humor and mature themes, distinguishing Devil’s Last Laugh as a premier haunted attraction. Serial killers, twisted births, violated patients, evil doctors, and the devil himself await those seeking a genuinely frightening experience entrenched in a demonic sense of manic evil.

But the terror doesn’t stop there! Devil’s Last Laugh proudly hosted its now annual Christmas Special event at the infamous The Walcksville Asylum. Picture a Christmas-themed tour where your favorite patients lurk around every corner. The asylum staff has gone all out, adorning the hospital with holiday decorations, and they can’t wait to celebrate this festive season with you! While a relatively short experience, the level of quality, production and the “scare-focused” approach to horror is a breath of fresh air and an event that we wish was only longer! Scare performers modify their persona’s based on each group, every single scene is horrifically detailed and the sheer “quality” and dedication to professionalism is evident around every single corner.

Join the inmates for a night of holiday lights, Santa sightings, a food truck with delectable treats, steaming hot chocolate, and a myriad of holiday fun with a chilling twist. This one-night-only event promises a unique blend of festive cheer and spine-tingling scares, creating memories that will haunt you long after the season ends.

Experience the fear, embrace the festive cheer, and don’t miss the one-night-only Christmas Special event at Devil’s Last Laugh!  Returning again in 2024 for more mayhem!

Location: 3975 Long Run Road, Lehighton, PA, United States, Pennsylvania